September 2007 Contents (Final Contents Ever)

September 30, 2007

September 2007 Contents

From first post to last –

September 2007 subhead: Ah, You want to know why I hate you today! — Charles Baudelaire

August 2007 Contents

A Post-iTunes Fable For NBC
Quote Of The Day: Jobs Rulz, Gates Luz
Jff Zukr: Ur No Gneeiz No
Jeff Zucker: He Don’t Do Emo
Newsflash! Jeff Zucker Buys Condo From Dick Morris!
Jeff Zucker: Like Dubya, Only Worse
By The Book: Jeff Zucker Vs. Steve Jobs
Bands: MySpace Profile Caution
Another Tribute To CBGB’s Hilly Kristal
Bands: Girls Rock & Girls Rule Tour
Reference: Cold? Flu? Cough? Worse?
Blog Notes: Photos
What? They’re Making A Movie I Want To See?!!?
Blog Notes: Stupid Freakin Avatar
Quote Of The Day: The Genius Of Jack Kirby
Final Cut? Shred It For All I Care!
Remember This The Next Time The MPAA Cries About Piracy!
Iris Bahr And The Two Karnafs
OK, Now The Foleo Scares Me
It’s All About Noticing Things
I Wish I Thought Of That!
Oh Jesus! Fake Steve Jobs Is Wooing Me!
Left Is The New Black For The Web
Fake Fake Steve Jobs Still Has Mojo
Tomorrow’s iPod: The Beginning Of Bliss?
Blog Notes: No Pictures For Me!
Blog Notes: Record Traffic Day
David Bamford Offers Vacation Advice
Blog Notes: OK, Now I’m Gone
Palm Kills Foleo
Blog Notes: Short Day
Reading: September 5 2007
So Where Is It?
New iPod Nano!
Blog Notes: Announcing A Shipping Delay
Newsflash! Pictures Of Corpses Left In Wake Of iPhone Price Cut!
Today’s Episode Of The Steve Jobs Show, Plus More
LifeDrive Notes: My Innate Fekkin Idiocy
LifeDrive Notes: I Can Has Bluetooth Keyboard?!!?
Newsflash! Palm Did Something RIGHT?!!? Almost.
Blog Notes: Almost Cancelled!
If We Can’t Have Momentum On This, Can I At Least Get An Amen, Brother?
Quote Of The Day: Uncov
S.O.S. Steve Jobs! eBooks Will Save You!
The DUH! File: BoingBoing Catches Up
A Second Post-iTunes Fable For NBC: You Got Chucked!
A Third Post-iTunes Fable For NBC: Steve Jobs Is Journeyman
Blog Notes: Attention Eejit PR Flaks
Richard Perez Has Finished His New Novel!
Laugh Of The Day: Raquel Villo
Book: Heartsick/HeartSick
Blogroll: Fake Fake Steve Jobs Added
Today’s WTF?
I’m So Bad, I’m Good
Blog Notes: I Know You Want It. And I Want To Give It To You. Really!
Dumbass Of The Year: Ed Colligan
Uh-Oh. Is Something Cooking?
LifeDrive Notes: That Bluetooth Keyboard
Reading: September 8 2007
This Is The Kind Of Shit Being Sensssssitive Produces
Uh, Yeah.
Quote Of The Day: Nathan Singer
Oh My God. What Am I Doing?
The Suit In All Its Pinstriped Anti-Glory
Blog Notes: Yes, I’m Working On It!
Asus Eee = Flybook = RSI
Asus Eee And Palm PDAs
Gone. And Forgotten.
Big Balls. No Dick.
What Was Your ROS*, Palm?
Asus Eee: OK. Wait. What’d He Just Say?!!?
Hey, Google! Give Americans This Too!
The Murder Of The Work Ethic
I Don’t Like The Looks Of This…
Is Google Better Than Spy Agencies?
Quote Of The Day: Michael Mace
Sony Makes A Music Segway
The Palm Foleo Disaster: Part One
Asus Eee: Increasing RAM Possible
Yes, I Know What Day It Is
YouTube: Bus Driver Beaten In China
Foleo: The Beat Goes On…
You Still Make Me Want To Bleed To Death
Today’s WTF: Kidnap, Torture
NBC: Settle With Apple
Blog Notes: Brain Fever
Quote Of The Day: Flashback To iPod Introduction
Blog Notes: Today
Heather: Judge Remains
Thanks, Palm! I Will!!
Today’s Bellylaugh: Eat This!
Quotes Of The Day: It’s All About Me
Ah, Discipline!
Creators: It Begins!
Hey, Murdoch! Give These Guys A MySpace Series Too!
Will Palm Die Or Show Others How To Be Reborn?
It’s Breakaway Day
New Asus Eee Article
So, No Microsoft Moon After All!
Asus Eee: XP Runs!
Asus Eee: OS X?!
Social Robots
Asus Eee: The New Timex-Sinclair?!!?
Quote Of The Day: Le Grande Fraud
Today’s WTF: Internet As Revenge Tool
Asus Eee: More About Its Keyboard
Size-Off: Foleo Versus Powerbooks
If I Could Be You
Blog Notes: Indigestion
Girls Don’t Cry 9:30PM Tonight September 14 2007 @ Connolly’s NYC
Asus Eee Versus Raon Digital Everun
An Ode To All My Dear, Dear Readers…
Band: Juliette And The Licks — New Graphics
Jeffree Star On Britney At MTV VMA
Help Her Get New Tits
When You Fight The Internet, You Lose
Blog Notes: WordPress Broken
Happy Anny: The Utube Blog
Girls Don’t Cry Has New Songs Up On MySpace!
Fight Club By Chuck Palahniuk
The iPod Touch: Don’t Touch It?
Brain, Mind, Consciouness, Quantumness, Spookiness
Pink Power
Yeah, That’s It. Cue The Vigilantes!
Band: Venomentality, Tomorrow Sunday September 16 2007 @ Virgin Megastore Union Square NYC
America’s ^Most Smartest Model MySpace Page
Singer Sofia Talvik Rasing Funds For Her Music
Blog Notes: WordPress Irks Me
Cable TV Sucks. This Is News?
Band: Venomentality, Today Sunday September 16 2007 @ Union Square Park NYC
Blog Notes: Photomania, Grrr
What A World Run By Windows Looks Like
Photo Album: Evil Guacamole Cultists Recruit In NYC!
Photo Album: Virgin Megastore Battle Of The Bands In New York City
Blog Notes: Fair Warning For Your Browser!</a
Quote Of The Day: Raquel Reed
Photo Album: Venomentality At Virgin Megastore Battle Of The Bands (Sunday)
I Hate It When Sites Don’t Work
Quote Of The Day: Nathan Singer
America’s ^Most Smartest Model Casting Videos
The Shock Doctrine: Book And Short Video
Tech Quote Of The Day: Uncov
Asus Eee To Do Color Covers
Asus Eee: Alleged Hands-On Report
Blog Notes: WordPress Is Ill Once Again!
Reference: $99 decTOP Computer
YouTube: New Asus Eee Vids
Full Metal Jacket For MacBook
Wow. I’m Really Out Of The iPhone Loop!
Foleo: Dude, I’m Not Getting A Fat-Ass Dell!
Asus Eee: Real Hands-On Report With New Pics
Blog Notes: WordPress Still Ill
Is The Foleo Completely Dead Now?
Quote Of The Day: Death Penalty Advocacy Edition
Mind, Brain
Quote Of The Day: No Justice Edition
I Think You Need This Reminder
YouTube: Gerry Anderson Documentary
Asus Eee: WTF?
Asus Eee: Even On Mars?!!?
Blog Notes: Alexa
Asus Eee: My Head Is Now Spinning!
Hi! My Name Is Jeff Zucker. And I Think You’re Stupid.
Blog Notes: That’s A Wrap For Today
Band: Venomentality @ Virgin Megastore Union Square NYC Tonight September 20 2007 At 7PM!
Blog Notes: WordPress Maintenance Today
So, Did The World End?
Blog Notes: I’m Not Playing Tag
Tecktonik: That’s So Gay!
The Asus Eee Effect?
Someone Bop Stephen Fry On His Noggin, Dammit
Memo To Palm: Bring A Foleo
Photo Album: Venomentality At Virgin Megastore Battle Of The Bands (Thursday)
Major eDonkey Servers Down
Go Get Yer Stephen Fry, Unillustrated
Asus Eee Gets Dissected By Mad Russians
Tech Quote Of The Day: James Kendrick
Blog Notes: Categories Still Screwed Up
Our President Admits He Is A War Criminal
YouTube: Dune Movie Trailer
R.I.P.: Alice Ghostley
Reading: September 23 2007
The Hot Xmas Toy: Now You’ve Been Warned
America, Hijacked
New MacBooks = Optical Drive Bye-Bye
Band: Venomentality On Radio Tonight Sunday September 23 2007 At 10PM EDST
They Want To Erase Bukowski’s Bungalow
Blog Notes: Categories Still Broken
Attention Dennis Potter Fans: Romance & Cigarettes Is Out In New York City
YouTube: What Did She Eat?!!?
Hey, You Timid Wimps Who Wail About My Language!
Where The Gods Create
We’re Puppets Of Biology. PKD’s Electric Ant.
Tech Quote Of The Day
YouTube: Copwatchers
Can Apple Create A Real Handheld Market?
Blog Notes: Categories Still Not Working
Asus Eee: Four Models
NBC’s Journeyman: Thumbs Down
Quote Of The Day: Pool Cleaner For Senior Bush
Blog Notes: Last Request Before I Go Nuclear On All Of You
eBooks On iPhone: Reading Software
Reference: List Of iPhone Native Apps
Asus Eee: Second Part Of Blogeee Review Posted
Blog Notes: I’m Imposing A Tax On Your Ass
Tech Quote Of The Day: Internet 2
Reference: iPod Touch Versus iPhone
Our Government: You’re Now All Our Bitches
You Better Read This To Save Your Ass
The Final Shearing Of The Sheep. Now Baaaa.
Quote Of The Day: The Doctor Mengele Weapon
Tech Bellylaugh Of The Day: Uncov
Blog Notes: You Were Seeing Things, That’s All
Greetings From The Pentagon. Christ Sent Us To Kill You.
Blog Notes: Aiiiiieeeeee!!
Baaaa, Sheep, Baaaa. Your Shearing Is Near.
Blog Notes: New Category
Do You Feel It Yet? That Soft Pillow? It’s Bush Smothering Your Rights To Death!
Blog Notes: I’ll Punish You Lot. I Will!
India At 60
Palm’s Outlook
Oh. Wow.
Oh My God. They’re Remixing Reality Again.
Writing Quote Of The Day: K.A. Bedford
Blog Notes: The Nuke Countdown Continues
Photo Album: Harvest Moon, September 25 2007
Photo Album: India At Sixty, South Street Seaport NYC
Real Life Quote Of The Day: Me & That Other Me
Reference: Free Clip Art
Blog Notes: More WordPress Illness
I Will Torment You All Until You Relent!
Writer: Barry Eisler Japanese Edition
FLASH: George Bush Attempts School Shooting
Apple To Rewrite Computing Again
Band: Brigitte Handley & The Dark Shadows In NYC Tomorrow Night September 27 2007 @ 11PM
Asus Eee: Part One Of Review In Spanish
YouTube: One Lucky (Or Rich!) Fan
Blog Notes: I Blog, You Decide
Heather: Sue For Slander. I’ll Testify!
Blog Notes: DigitalLife Expo Today
My Language Influence Spreads
Google Is The Last Place I Would Look For Movies
Asus Eee: Carrying Pouch
Foleo: Hands-On Report
Band: Brigitte Handley & The Dark Shadows In NYC Tonight September 27 2007 @ 11PM
Iran, Yesterday
Blog Notes: I Will Melt Your Browser
Photo Album: Museum Of Sex, NYC
Photo Album: DigitalLife Expo 2007
Whoa! Apple, I Didn’t Mean Death Star As in Suicidal!
Blog Notes: My Finger Is On The Button
Blog Notes: tick… tick… tick…
Tick… Tick… Tick… For Us All


August 2007 Contents

August 31, 2007

August 2007 Contents

From first post to last –

August 2007 subhead: You have to have something vicious in you to be a creative writer. God save me from being nice. –D.H. Lawrence

July 2007 Contents

Blog Notes: This Month’s Subhead
Quote Of The Day: RoughlyDrafted
Band: u239 = Real Direct Marketing
Hollywood: Settle!
Juliette Lewis Has A Band And It’s Coming To NYC!
Oh Fuck Me! Junkiness Is Dead!!!
More American Blood On The Hands Of Bush
Elton John Is A Senile Old Man
MySpace: WTF?
Blogroll: Junkiness Deleted
Quote Of The Day: Planetakis
Blog Notes: I Am So Far Behind…
Juliette And The Licks, Free Tonight In NYC @ 7PM!
eBooks On iPhone: Well, There Are Magazines At Least!
Photo Album: Warren Ellis’s Book
The Power Of Fuck
Die In Prison, You Piece Of Shit
Today’s What Was That?!!?
Ah, There’s Still Bamford To Give Me A Laugh
Heather: ABC’s Primetime Photo Album
Quote Of The Day: Alan Pritt
Heather: She Inspired ABC-TV
Heather: Latest News
Photo Album: Juliette And The Licks @ Virgin Megastore
Band: u239 Does Nuclear Marketing!
Rightist Radio = Liecasting
Band: Crooked Looks Coming To NYC Tomorrow, August 4, 2007
Band: The Shapes In NYC Tomorrow, August 4, 2007
Punk From Argentina, Wif Luv
iPhone More Popular Than Zune And Harry Potter
Bastard Of The Year
Fake Steve Jobs Is Dead. Sit Shiva With Me!
The Irony. The Irony, I Say!!
Quotes Of The Day: Bastard Of The Year Edition
Bourne Ultimatum? Yes. Journeyman? No.
Reference: Feevy
The Betrayal Of Fake Steve Jobs: Brad Stone, You Suck!
The Betrayal Of Fake Steve Jobs: Daniel Lyons, You Suck!
And So The Long Knives Start To Come Out…
Stop Being Babies! That’s Not A Corpse!
Quote Of The Day: Uncov
Hey, NBC! Leak Journeyman, Dammit!!
The Mike Cane Persecution Checklist
Now Sinfest Persecutes Me!
I Give NBC A Kick To The Nuts. It’s Called An Incentive.
The Shadow Of Doomsday Appears…
Another DUH! Article Twenty-Five Years Too Late
Blogroll: Fake Steve Jobs Deleted
Step Right Up, Folks, And Watch The Last Gasp Of The Dinosaurs!
Go Read Alan Pritt’s Blog
Armageddon Happens Every Day
Quote Of The Day: David Mitchell
Photo Album: August 2005 Street Art
September 2005: NBC Promotes A New Earl Show
Safari For Windows: Still Sick!
Band: Juliette And The Licks Get Rave Review
Girls Don’t Cry Get The Remix Treatment
YouTube: A Horrifying WTF?!!?
The Internet Is Full Of Fakes
What’s All This Then?
YouTube: Laugh Of The Day
Girls Don’t Cry: Happy Anniversary!!
Phelps Is Without Shame
Bellylaugh Of The Day: Accidental Edition
You Can Trust Us. We Wear Suits.
Journeyman Still Not Leaked
Five Things That Would Improve MySpace
Man, What Is This Shit With Firefox’s Tabs?
Quote Of The Day: Tech Edition
MySpace SpamGrrls
MySpace SpamGrrls: The Next Generation
Meet Estefi Of NoBarbies
An Open Letter To Chelsea S., From M. Dylan Raskin
I’m On Facebook
R.I.P.: Artist Mike Wieringo
The Internet Creates Its Own Cute Little Psychoses
Recently Read & Now Reading: August 13 2007
Found On MySpace
Addendum To The Prior Post
Chinese Take-Out
Caffeine Nation
Worse Than Any Terrorist Could Do
Hey You Three. Get Out Of My Blog!
Hey You Three. Email NBC!
Journeyman: Interesting Bits
Now NBC Has Pissed Me Off!
Hey, NBC! Leak Journeyman NOW!
ABC Kicks NBC’s Ass For Fall TV Buzz
Movies As Trauma
Another Found On MySpace
Go Read Barry Eisler’s Chat
Imus Kicks CBS’s Ass
Sudden Rope Death
YouTube: NBC Fall Preview
Even When You Win You Can’t Win
Good News! The Worst Is Yet To Come!
Just Read & Next Reading: August 15 2007
Quote Of The Day: John Brownlee
Sinfest Again Has My Number (Damn You, Ishida!!)
Bamford Has A Lame Excuse For Not Blogging
Russia Creates Fuckday!
Well, That’s It. I’ll Never Be Allowed On A Plane Again.
Welcome To Your Capitalist Future, Japan
Bellylaugh Of The Day: Wikipedia Revisionist Edition
China’s Ferocious iPhone Clones
Nokia Fails To Plant Bomb In My Cellphone
eBooks On iPhone: HarperCollins Kicks In
Reference: Megavideo
Appeasement In Our Time
iPhone: AT&T Bill Delivered In A BOX!
WTF Of The Day: A Flickr Moment
NBC: Leak Journeyman NOW! Early Reports NOT Good!
What Shall Be Done?
Journeyman: No Leak, But Two YouTube Vids
Journeyman: All Available Vids
You Make Me Want To Bleed To Death
This Manuscript Should Have Never Been Published. It Should Have Been Shot To Death.
Fall Network TV Doom Watch List
Search Terms That Please Me
Depression 2.0: Bank Run
Comcast Finds A New Way To Be A Bastard
Preair Leak: Pilot Of CW’s Aliens In America
TV Before It Was Hijacked By The Sickos
WTF Is This “Man Bag” Shit? Grow Up.
Warren Ellis Reveals His Music Secret
Band: The National
Laugh Of The Day: Photoshop Fun Edition
YouTube: More RARE Gerry Anderson
Journeyman: Still Unleaked!
Now Reading: August 18 2007
Christopher Fowler Pleads Guilty — To Genius!
Today’s Bellylaugh: The Mouth Of Hell
Dailymotion: Coronet Blue
Laugh Of The Day: Stupid Cop Edition
Horror Of The Day: Cat Edition
Band: The National — Pictures Posted
Quote Of The Day: Mary Magdalan
MySpace Music: Feh!
England Continues To Give Away Its Country
Question Of The Day: Is China Out Of Its Fucking Mind?
Kenneth Che-Tew Eng Must Love Being Arrested!
China: Every Day A New Lethal Product!
Blog Notes: WordPress Burped
Reference: Installing Native Apps On An iPhone
Is It Time To Ban All Chinese Imports?
Quote Of The Day: Uncov
Ectomo Finds A Jewel!
YouTube: Lips Like Morphine
New Social Spot: Network Baby
Blogroll Addition: Network Baby Profile
Dick Morris Has Seen His Future Of Living In A Cardboard Box And Swerves To Avoid It
Apple Wins The Internet Video Wars
Even On The Internet You Make Me Want To Bleed To Death
China: Now It’s Deadly Blankets & Filthy Chopsticks
Another Cat Horror
Another Argument For eBooks On The iPhone
Video: Tokyo Hardcore
Heather: She Pleads Guilty!
Heather: Photos From Court Guilty Plea
Heather: She’s More Popular Than The iPhone!
Heather: Tears Outside Courtroom
Heather: She’s Made Google Trends
Heather: Day Two
Heather: WCSH6-TV Video Report & Transcript
Heather: ABC News Video
Heather: 11Alive Video
Heather: WSB-TV Video
Heather: Google Trends Peak
Heather: Today’s Wrap-Up
Reading: August 23 2007
Blog Notes: Early Day
Engadget Snags The Attention Of Autistic Palm, Inc.
Heather: WKRN-TV Video
Ted Nugent Knows The Value Of Our Leaders
The Next Trend In Management-Labor Relations
Blog Notes: WordPress Is Being A Right Bastard Today
That Self-Alienated Bitch Ayn Rand Will Kill Us All
Band: Glasgow’s Camera Obscura Tonight August 24 2007 7PM @ South Street Seaport — FREE!
Heather: The Helots Come Out To Make Hay
Poor Ed Colligan. Ascared Of Me.
Reading: August 25 2007
Blog Notes: WordPress Is My Tormentor Today
Blog Notes: WordPress Still Fucked
jWin MP3 Player Needs Replacement
Blog Notes: One-Quarter Million Views!
NBC To Give Away Show Pilots
Creators And Writers Guild Of America: Take Note!
Quote Of The Day: Matt Stone Of South Park
Blogroll Addition: Tito Perdue
Being Blonde While Dumb, Redefined
Signs Of Renewed Life At Scribez
Ugh. Backlogged. Still.
Being Blonde While Dumb, The Spin
NBC: Stop Being Blonde!
Bellylaugh Of The Day: A Warren Ellis Reader
Open Yer Damn Wallets!
Quote Of The Day: Nokia’s Innate Ineptness
Nokia Names New Service After Drunk Driving
Nokia’s Drunk Driving-Named Service: No Surprise After All
Nokia Is Phone Of Choice For Photographing Drunk Finnish Girls Who Piss In Public
iPod Price History: Will Apple Fight Or Lose?
YouTube: Warren Zevon
Web Services, My Ass!
The NYPL Won’t Know What Hit Them Now…
NYPL: Writer Lafcadio Hearn
Life Is Determined To Kill My Brain
Hey You Reading This. Don’t Piss Me Off Like This!
R.I.P. Hilly Kristal, CBGB’s Founder
You Wish You Could Be This Good
Ominous Issuance From Band The Perfects
Free Movie: Zeitgeist
The Internet Creates Its Own, Uh, Culture
Blog Notes: Today’s Fucking Tech Conspiracy
Don’t Increase My Tension!
Pull It Out!
Should Apple Turn iTunes Into A Platform?
Nokia’s Upcoming Fake iPhone
Bands: Battles And Deerhunter 7PM Tonight For FREE @ South Street Seaport In NYC!
Band: Cheap Perfume Tonight August 31 2007 11PM @ Mo Pitkins In NYC

Heather Johnston posts:
Heather: ABC’s Primetime Photo Album
Heather: She Inspired ABC-TV
Heather: Latest News
Heather: She Pleads Guilty!
Heather: Photos From Court Guilty Plea
Heather: She’s More Popular Than The iPhone!
Heather: Tears Outside Courtroom
Heather: She’s Made Google Trends
Heather: Day Two
Heather: WCSH6-TV Video Report & Transcript
Heather: ABC News Video
Heather: 11Alive Video
Heather: WSB-TV Video
Heather: Google Trends Peak
Heather: Today’s Wrap-Up
Heather: WKRN-TV Video
Heather: The Helots Come Out To Make Hay

NBC Journeyman posts:
Bourne Ultimatum? Yes. Journeyman? No.
Hey, NBC! Leak Journeyman, Dammit!!
I Give NBC A Kick To The Nuts. It’s Called An Incentive.
September 2005: NBC Promotes A New Earl Show
Journeyman Still Not Leaked
Journeyman: Interesting Bits
Now NBC Has Pissed Me Off!
Hey, NBC! Leak Journeyman NOW!
ABC Kicks NBC’s Ass For Fall TV Buzz
YouTube: NBC Fall Preview
NBC: Leak Journeyman NOW! Early Reports NOT Good!
Journeyman: No Leak, But Two YouTube Vids
Journeyman: All Available Vids
This Manuscript Should Have Never Been Published. It Should Have Been Shot To Death.
Fall Network TV Doom Watch List
Journeyman: Still Unleaked!
NBC To Give Away Show Pilots
NBC: Stop Being Blonde!

Special M. Dylan Raskin post:
An Open Letter To Chelsea S., From M. Dylan Raskin

July 2007 Contents

July 31, 2007

July 2007 Contents

From first post to last –

July 2007 subhead: “…we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender…”

June 2007 Contents

June’s Contents Late…
Magician Has Special iPhone
iPhone Is Not Expen$ive
And Wired Becomes Immediately Irrelevant
And Suddenly Universal Music Group’s Artists Get Zero Royalties
Reference: iPhone Medical Web Apps
He Broke His iPhone The First Day!
Some iPhone Links
Blogroll Addition: ectoplasmosis
Reference: SaveToPhone
Recording Artists: Save Yourselves. Don’t Let Dick Morris And The Other Dicks Kill You While They Kill Themselves!
Another Thing That Will Ensure I Die Poor…
Finally, Last Month’s Contents Is Up
Quote Of The Day: Fake Steve Jobs
Oh Boo Hoo Hoo For Fucking Fox Network
Reference: iPhone Widget List
Reference: iPhone Pre-Pay Options
Some People Catch On Later Than… Everyone Else.
I Know I Haven’t Changed The Damned Blog Subhead
iPhone: A Recluse In The Orgy Age
Blog Notes: Where Does The Time Go?
I Don’t Think You Understand Just How Incredible The iPhone Really Is!
Microsoft, Palm, And Nokia: You Better Be Freaking Out!!
Reference: Korean Drama (KDrama) Sources
This Month’s Subhead: Churchill
Dumbest iPhone Comment Yet
OMG! FSJ Likes Me! He Really Likes Me!
Memo To Self: Today Is Not Monday
It Has To Be Said
Oh Dear Christ, Let This Be So. We Could Send Those Oil Bastards Reeling!
Daddy, What’s A Record? What’s An Album?
Tonight, July 5 2007: Girls Don’t Cry @ The Knitting Factory 8PM NYC
The Great iDay iHype iFraud
A Horrible Thought: What If The iPhone Is Just … A Phone?
Oh Come On. I Have To Take This Cheap Shot At Nokia!
(First?) Laugh Of The Day: Warren Ellis
OK, Second Laugh Of The Day: David Bamford
The End Of iWeek
iPhone Vs. Palm Treo: You Can’t Fight A Corpse
iPhone Runs In Root?!
Reference: Hutchison Effect
MicroTards Get Desperate Against iPhone Revolution
Palm Flogs Blog, Flails, Fails
Girls Don’t Cry: Needling At The Knitting Factory
Sad Anniversary: Rod Steiger Died July 9, 2002
Victor Gischler Has To Get Busy
YouTube Is Suddenly So Yesterday
What My Inner Dick Screams
Quote Of The Day: Junkiness
Oh Man. The Worst Part Is The Wait…
YouTube: The Greatest American Hero Fan Titles
You Call That A Phone? This — iPhone — Is A Phone!
Heather Johnston On ABC’s PrimeTime Tomorrow, Tuesday July 10 2007 At 10PM EDST
Splaying The Code Guts Of The iPhone: TV-Out & Filesystem
iPhone Death Star Upgrade Coming
Reference: iPhoneDevCamp-Created Applications List
Sinfest Documents My Love Life
Do New Apple Keyboards Hint At An iPhone Keyboard?
Quote Of The Day: The Rude Pundit
Second Quote Of The Day: Walter Jon Williams
Welcome, First-Time Readers
Reminder: Heather Johnston On ABC’s PrimeTime Tonight, Tuesday July 10 2007 At 10PM EDST
I Must Start The Day With Thanks
Heather Johnston On ABC’s Primetime (Post 1)
Why VISA Card USA Sucks Ass
Hey, VISA Card USA! I Accuse You Of Running A Bait-And-Switch Scam!
Free Energy That Won’t Work During A Hot Summer Day (Or Global Warming!)
WordPress Is Bitchy Today
Heather Johnston On ABC’s Primetime (Post 2)
Nokia’s Creative Bankruptcy Continues Full Speed Ahead!
Another Record Set For Traffic Today
All-Time Record Traffic Today
Google Office For iPhone!
If Only!
The In(sane)ternet
Who Would Play Heather Johnston? Who?!!?
The Yellow Submarine iPod Won’t Die!
Bah! So Much For The Electronic Age! Image Storage Delayed For At Least Eleven Days (Maybe More)!
Another Record Traffic Day
Ah, Good. Traffic Is Sinking Again.
Eat My Hell
Fuck You. Fuck Your Blogosphere. Fuck Your Internet. Fuck Your Group. Fuck Your Politics. Fuck Your Society. Fuck Your World. Fuck Your Pressure. Fuck Your Conformity. And Did I Say Fuck You Too?
Keep Your Fucking Illiterate Hands Off Us Writers
They Protect Themselves. Not Us.
Another Egghead Out To Fuck Writers (And Other Creators) Out Of Their Just Rewards
The Suits Will Bleed Anyone Dry! Especially You.
Finally! Iain Levison Has A Website And Now It’s On My Blogroll Too.
Reference: How To Send MMS On An iPhone
How To Get Custom Ringtones Into An iPhone Using OSX
David Bamford Provides A Laugh In This Otherwise Rampagingly-Mad Day
YouTube: iPhone Parody
Sunday 1:11PM EDST
I Don’t Think I’ve Ever Heard A Prince Song
The Incomparable Miss Shirley Bassey
My Pathetic MySpace
Oh Great. Now I’m The Go-To Guy For Fuck You.
New Blog Feature: Fuck You Friday
Warren Ellis Quotes Dennis Potter!
I Put It Succinctly (And Even Cleanly)
iPhone: First eBook On It?
P2P Is Dead. Really.
Blog Notes
Movie: Dumb Hard
Warren Ellis: Chapter One Of Next Week’s Novel Available
YouTube: Stingray (Not That One!)
Quote Of The Day: iPhone
Sad Anniversary: The Death Of Ty Cobb, July 17, 1961
The Anthem Of Music’s Future
Quote: Adaptation
Apple And H.264 Internal Chips: I’m With Cringely
Things On The Internet That Make Me Want To Die
Coming Soon: The iStrike
Blog Notes: Traffic Still High Here
CNN Offers Crooks, Kidnappers, And Revolutionaries A Guide To Those To Loot, Blackmail, And Murder!
Scalzi: Excellent Work!
Quote Of The (Yester)Day: The Rude Pundit
Here’s Someone Who’ll Never Buy An eBook!
Reference: Storing iPhone Apps Locally
Reference: iPhone Bookmarklets
Reference: DVD To iPhone (Via Mac)
Blogroll Addition: Uncov
Quote Of The Day: Uncov
I Can Has LOLcat?
iPhone User Floors My Lust Pedal
Reference: Making Vids Look Good For YouTube
iPhone: Yet Another DUH! Article
America: The Endgame
Argh. No Image Storage For Me Yet.
iPhone Killer?
America: Collapse Watch
NOW Do You Finally Understand Why I Must Have A License To Kill?
Fuck Fuck You Friday
Who The Fuck Is This Dickhead?
Beemageddon: Asian Andromeda Strain
New York City Go Boom Yesterday
Oh How Fucking Swell Is This?
eBooks On iPhone: Not Waiting For Apple!
I Am Fake Steve Jobs
eBooks on iPhone: Another Person Who Won’t Wait For Apple
Quaker Oats Must Die!
I Can Has Image Storage? No.
PayPal Is Releasing Their Bank Squirrels
!!?ereH nO gnioG sI tahW
Must I Again Call For The Enslavement And Total Death Of You Technoids?
Warning: Go Away Now. It’s Fuck You Friday At This Blog.
Fuck You And Your Computer Code, You Deluded Fuckhead ASCII Plumber
Fuck You, Shills!
Fuck Quaker Oats!
Nokia: Hankkiutua Sinun Hautajaiset
Google To Everyone Else: Drop Dead
When You Lack Talent, Imagination, And Have a Rep For Robbing Everyone, What’s Left To Do? Legalized Looting.
The Greatest Feat In The History Of Mankind
Quote Of The Day: iPhone
No Comments For You Here. Evah.
eBookery For iPhone?
Blog Notes: That’s A Wrap For Today
Is Dubya Aiming To Be The New King George?
LifeDrive Notes: As An MP3 Player
eBooks On iPhone: The Clamor Continues!
Another Frikkin Gene I Apparently Lack
Quaker Oats Sends Me A Sorry-Assed Email Reply
The eBooks On iPhone Campaign: Steve Jobs Loves Books! Hey, Steve, So Do We!!
Why Fake Steve Jobs Is The Only Living God On The Internet (Kneel!)
Five Things Nokia Needs To Do To Improve Our Lives
No Science Fiction Or Horror Story Ever Predicted A Mutant Like Her!
My Arteries Just Had A Seizure
I Am Endlessly Persecuted For Appreciating Brilliance
Found On MySpace: Thug Lit
There. Aren’t. Enough. Hours. In. A. Day.
I Am In Ur MySpace Stealing Ur Friends
YouTube: Gerry Anderson & Dire Straits
Writer Jasper Fforde In NYC 7PM Tomorrow, Monday, July 23, 2007
Oh That Thing Called Human…
(Infectious) Quote Of The Day: Uncov
This Fake Business Is Going Too Far Now
Enough With The Fekkin Secret Diaries!!!
Like A Bullet To My Head
Harry Potter More Popular Than Microsoft Zune
God Is Avenging Himself On That Awful Olympics Logo
The Candice Jarrett Campaign: Part One
The Candice Jarrett Campaign: Part Two
You Always Do This When I’m Not Looking!
Oh Look! I Get To Bash Palm And Nokia At The Same Time! It’s Two Two Two Hits In One!
Red Alert: Your PC Might Have This!!
Bah. Blog Closed For Today.
The Day Begins As Suck
Give It Up, Microsoft
Quote Of The Day: Retarded Edition
I Told You, Microsoft. Zune Is For Losers.
Homeland Security: Making Us Safer Or Just More Stupid?
4/19/06: Unforgotten
Reference: Google Video On iPhone
Lesley Gore Has New Songs
Hey, PayPal! Where Are Those Squirrels, Dammit?
Planetakis Shows Other Bands How To Do It
Why You Should Be On MySpace
The Perfects: Live At The Annex, Saturday July 21, 2007
3PM EDST: No PayPal Squirrels
Hey, Rupert Murdoch, You Slag! Fix MySpace!
Fasten Your Seatbelts. Then Pray.
Quaker Oats Hides In Its Foxhole
I Can Has Image Storage? Yes!
Blog Notes: Wednesday July 25, 2007
See The Spectacular Band Girls Don’t Cry For FREE Tonight, Wednesday July 25 2007
Photo: Rain In England
Quaker Oats Plays Peekaboo With My Blog
Photo: My Shadow
Photo Album: Writer Barry Eisler
YouTube: Thunderbirds Are Go – The Rezillos
Are The Suits Using P2P To Hype Their Shows?
Quote Of The Day: Uncov
Blog Notes: Early Close
TONIGHT: See The Spectacular Band Girls Don’t Cry For FREE, Wednesday July 25 2007
Why I Deleted Your Trackback, Moron
Don’t Ever Fake Trackback My Blog Again
(First) Quote Of The Day: GracefulFlavor
Mass-Murdering Cat Signals Post-Millennial Holocaust
My Cat Will Kill Me For That Last Post
On The Internet, Telling The Truth Becomes Imaginary
(Second) Quote Of The Day: GDC @ WR2R
Blog Notes: I Did It When I Wasn’t Looking
Who Are You Kidding, Billionaire Bloomberg?
Keep Your Damn Social Disease To Yourself
David Lynch Hate Me
Just Click The Damn Link
Photo Album: Writer Jasper Fforde
Photo Album: Proof Of My Anti-Photographic Ability
Blunt This!
DailyMotion: Ha. Ha. Ha.
Blog Notes: All For Today
Quote Of The Day: John Scalzi
I <3 Uncov
Congratulations To Victor Gischler!
Warren Ellis Got A New Gig
Jason Starr’s Got A Short Story For Sale On Amazon
Go Look. And Weep For Us All.
Quaker Oats: Sorry-Assed Bribe Arrives In Mail
Brightcove: Journeyman Preview
Girls Don’t Cry: Tomorrow, Sunday July 29th In New Jersey
Remember What You Gave Me Before You Ask For It Back
Pay The Fekkin Taxes, You Eejits!!
Blog Notes: It’s Now Official. So Shut The Fuck Up.
Reference: Online Storage
A Sad Day For Auntie Beeb
It Is So
Go To Your Doom By Scorning Me And Trusting The Suits
Reference: Cancer Therapy
New Blog Categories: Bands And Blog Notes
Band: Crooked Looks Coming To NYC Next Saturday, August 4, 2007
Still, Money Isn’t Everything
Today’s Absolutely-Fatal Bellylaugh
Armageddon Catalysts
R.I.P.: Tom Snyder Of Tomorrow Show
Is The Wayback Machine Any Damn Good?
Quote Of The Day: iPhone
So As Usual, The Smiletards Jump Me
Second Quote Of The Day
Blog Notes: Blogroll Deletion, Probations
The Future Has Come Back To Haunt Us
That’s It For Today
What Is Your Life Worth?
The Hollywood Day Of Reckoning
The Ambitious Use Macs
Photo Album: Girls Don’t Cry @ McCarren Park July 25, 2007

June 2007 Contents

June 30, 2007

June 2007 Contents

From first post to last –

June 2007 subhead: Why Give Up? Why Give In?

May 2007 Contents

Ach, I Screwed Myself By Being Late!
LifeDrive Notes: No Joy With Flash Player
Cupid: Marvelous Dialogue
LifeDrive Notes: Hand Me That Machete, Watson
Quote Of The Day
Hilarious Sitcom Line (From India!)
LifeDrive Notes: Should Palm’s Software Engineers Be Beaten With A Spiked Bat Or Tied Up Together And Dumped In The Ocean From 30,000 Feet?
On This Date In Tech History: 2004, CLIE Gets Axed
Oh. My. God. It’s June!!!
No Blog Weekend
LifeDrive Notes: Utter Madness
YouTube: Holmes, XL5, Night Gallery, More
Get Off My Tits!
LifeDrive Notes: Memos Progress!
Oh. Pity The Poor Smutmeisters!
LifeDrive Notes: The Changing Of The Guard
No More Blogging Til Monday
YouTube: GI Joe 100-Episode Epic!
Yeah, Well, I Had To Send Some Emails…
LifeDrive Notes: Unfun
Prediction: Palm To Drop All Handhelds
Oh Look At This! My Apple-YouTube Prediction Will Come True!
New York City: The iPhone Queue Club?
Another Prediction Comes True: Mac Widgets To iPhone
Oh My God! What Did We Buy?!!?
Reference: Mozilla Plugin Support on MacOS X
YouTube: Sherlock Holmes
YouTube: Come, Let It Eat Your Brain Too!
YouTube: The Final Option
LifeDrive Notes: Video Flood!
Wired: You Bastards!
What Do You Women Want?!!? What?! What?!!?
Scalzi Seems To Be A Bit Upset, He Do
If FSJ Says It, Then It Is So!
Wired: Not Bastards (Yet)
What Foleo 2.0 Needs
HTC’s TouchFLO Interface: Paging Apple Legal!
Microsoft Soapbox: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
No Bail? For Passing Out A Flyer? What The Fuck Is This?
China: Will That Country Wind Up Killing Us All?
YouTube: God Hates Fags Documentary
YouTube: A Variety Of TV Things
A Sad Tomorrow
There’s No Target Around Me Yet (Store, That Is)
Dykon? Wasn’t That In An Episode Of Doctor Who?
Real Life Leaves Me Speechless
YouTube: A Forest In Winter
Right. I’m Calling The Cops On You Now.
Google Video: Two Gerry Anderson
Damn You, Warren Ellis!!!
Blogroll Addition: twittervision
Calendar Added To Blog
FSJ Provides Today’s Two Laughs
What Will It Look Like During A Crisis?
Barbie Bandits: The Merchandise
Hey You Old Bastards, Get In Line Behind Me!
Beemageddon: All Quiet On The Extinction Of Humankind Front
Abuse Of Power Still Lives In New York City
FCC: Fucking Corporate Collaborators
So This Is Why I Hate Most Post-CD Music!
China Does The Right Thing
In Space No One Can Smell Your Shit
China Wants To Join The Rest Of The World
The Fall Of London Design
It’s A Broken Swastika!
The Brits Can’t Do Logos Nor Can They Even Keep Their Nation!
YouTube: Young Anthony Hopkins
YouTube: Diana Rigg’s First TV Gig
Someone Tap Victor Gischler On His Noggin
Quote Of The Day
But The Original Search Term Was Chicks With Dicks
They Fuck Up A Logo, Give Their Country To Muslims, And Now Drive Redheads Mad!
CopyNazi Evasion Tactics
This Month’s Subhead
Going Offline
Sad Anniversary: The Death Of Dennis Potter, June 7, 1994
Three Weeks To iPhone Intro!
Playstation 2 Does Gerry Anderson
YouTube: Star Wars By Ed Wood Jr (If Only!)
YouTube: Home? I Have No Home. Hunted! Despised! Living Like An Animal! The Jungle Is My Home. But I Will Show The World That I Can Be Its Master! I Will Perfect My Own Race Of People. A Race Of Atomic Supermen Which Will Conquer The World!!!
Earth To YouTube: Increase Your Capacity, Dammit!
Bukowski’s Leftovers
When YouTube Fucks Up, It Fucks The Entire Internet!
Quote Of The Day
YouTube: Perversion For Profit
YouTube: Boy With The Incredible Brain Documentary
Blogroll Addition: International Noir Fiction
Derek Raymond: He Makes All Others Look Like Shit
Victor Gischler Has A New Internet Berth
I Gotta Have My Fucking Aneurysm Removed. Maybe My Whole Fucking Brain!
Who Do I Have To Beg To Get A Ticket?!!?
Scalzi Gives Me Another Reason Never To Want To Play Videogames
Now I Know Why Warren Ellis Is Mesmerized By Twittervision
Hitler Also Gives Me A Reason Not To Want To Play Videogames
The Only Thing Those Hacks At Filmation Did Right
YouTube: Project U.F.O.
YouTube: Fantastic Voyage
YouTube: Strike Force
YouTube: Diver Dan
Offline Now
YouTube: What The #$*! Do We Know!? Movie
Google Video: Free Documentaries
YouTube: Stephen Fry’s Secret Life Of The Manic Depressive
Quote Of The Day
Because I’m A Mean Bastard: Help Send Scalzi’s God-Ignorin’ Heathen Ass To The Creation Museum!!
Speaking Of…
Hire Me! I Make Great Decisions!
Quote Of The Day
P2P: You’re So Dead!
YouTube: Star Cops SPFX
Apple Safari Browser For Win XP: Super Fast And Super Sick
That Last Post: Back To Firefox For Me!
Download Helper Just Updated
Scalzi Faces The True Horror Of Having Fans
Channel 101: Your Magic Touched Me Nights Series
iPhone Apps: The Beginning Of The Beginning
Earth To Palm: Change The Foleo’s Browser To Safari
Code Terrorists To Apple: Thanks For The Safari, D00ds!
Jobs Gets YouTube On iPhone — But Without Flash!
Quote Of The Day
Last Night I Saw The Secret On DVD
Tonight: Tuesday June 12 2007: Girls Don’t Cry @ The Bitter End, NYC 10:30PM
Girls Don’t Cry: Notes
China: Lost In Translation
Well Fuck You, You Snooty Bastard!
“Lockdown, USA,” A Documentary To Reform NY State Drug Law
Record Blog Traffic: Apple iPhone Vs. Palm Foleo
Video Monitor: Asleep On The Job
YouTube: Unreleased Barry Gray Music From Gerry Anderson Movie
iPhone: Add Your Comments To frog design Blog!
FSJ Gives Today’s Outrageously Funny Bellylaugh!
Quote Of The Day: John Scalzi, Undead-American
A Microsoft Photo That Encapsulates The Entire Frikkin World From Its Dim Past To Its Armageddon Future
Bless The Maker And His Water. Bless His Coming And Going.
Now I Just Might Boycott The iPhone
Apple Safari Browser For Win XP: Super Fast But Still Super Sick
YouTube Underwent A Facelift!
Hey Japanese CopyNazis: Up Yours And In Your Face!
YouTube: Sara Brightman Requiem
Corporate TV: So Dead
P2P: BitTorrent Tutorial
Otaku Makes BanzaiPod!
YouTube: Cool Renault Car Commercial
Another Sign Of Impending Armageddon
Sing It, Wil Wheaton, Sing It Loud!
Official: Next Depression Via The Twilight Zone
YouTube Provides Today’s Bellylaugh
LifeDrive Notes: It’s Not All That. Yet(?).
Open For Comments: Should We Boycott The iPhone?
Treo-Skimming. A Post-iPhone Craze?
Weep For John Scalzi! Weep, I Say!
Live Stupid, Die Stupid
iPhone: No WiFi Without Data Contract?
Kenneth Che-Tew Eng: They Can’t Tell How Sick He Is
Two Weeks To iPhone
Get Up On Your Hind Legs, American! (Part One)
I Knew This Would Happen In The Future
Marty Krofft Q&A
It Should Be A Landfill. And Nothing But!
Sue Me. I’m A Man Who Likes Women.
This Is One Part Of The Secret — The Real Secret
More Police Abuse Of Power
Blogroll Addition: Bible Resources
The Secret: Don’t Be A Sucker
Another Note About The Secret: Victor Hugo
Quote Of The Day
Thank You Again, Ken Bruen!
YouTube: Utopia, Latest Doctor Who Is Up
The Secret: Another Bit Of The Real Secret
YouTube: Coronet Blue Theme Back Up!
Win, Plaintiffs, Win!
Oh My God This Is So Incredibly Surprising And Totally Unexpected: Sony To Close Connect Music And Video Services!!
VIA Touts Nanobook By Citing The Beat Gen Writers
YouTube: Gerry Anderson’s Stingray
Scalzi Is An Expensive Tart!
The Trauma Of My Childhood (One In An Infinite Series)
Apple Boosts iPhone Battery In Effort To Kill Me
YouTube: Gerry Anderson’s Very Rare Torchy
4/19/06: The Music Video
Today’s Cruel Vile Nasty But Still Damned Funny Laugh!
Ah, Now I’ll Never Have To Try Red Bullshit!
My Phony iPhone
YouTube: Goodfellas
LifeDrive Notes: iPhoney, Web Browsers
Wired: They’re Officially Bastards Now
Offline For Today
But Before I Go… A Mash Note
Barbie Bandits: Someone Email Me!
Red Alert: Mouth Rebellion
Where Is The New York State Attorney General And State/City Consumer Advocates To Kick Time Warner’s Ass?
The Secret: OMG! NYPL Has It For Me!
YouTube: What Happens When International Rescue Isn’t Called!
What I Demand To Know: WHICH Internet?!!?
LifeDrive Notes: More WiFi Unfun
FSJ Has Guts Like RSJ
Writer Barry Eisler: Rain’s Man
Ken Bruen To Get First David Goodis Award!
Author Christopher Fowler Torments Me With An Email
Sample Warren Ellis’s Upcoming Novel For Free
Having Any Cardiac Surgery? A Heart Bypass? Better Know This!
Is It Me Or Is It YahooMail?
You Mark These Words: YouTube Traffic Will Surpass P2P Traffic
So There It Is: The Mysterious Missing Twelfth iPhone App. It’s YouTube!
Who Will Die For An iPhone?
Quote Of The Day
YouTube: The Thin Man
I Have Readers Who Are Crueler Than Me
Whoa! That Was Fast!
Learn To Love The Subtitle. I Did.
Reference: Breitbart Now Does Video
The Advice I Was Given Last Night At An AT&T Store
Girls Don’t Cry At The Vintage Lounge, Levittown, NY Friday June 22, 2007 @ 10PM
The Visitors Are Coming!
Someone Got To Fondle An iPhone!
One Week To iPhone!
Diet Pepsi Max
Why Move Somewhere Else And Take Along Your Cultural Shit?
Shouldn’t There Be A Zombie Computer List?
Today’s Bellylaugh: Emo Student
Bah! Eejit Calls For A Fake iPhone Boycott!
YouTube: Seeing Things
YouTube: A Variety Of Goodies
Open For Comments: What Have You Found On YouTube?
Short Blogging Day
Girls Don’t Cry 10PM Tonight June 22 2007 At Vintage Lounge, Levittown, LI
Girls Don’t Cry Tomorrow Saturday June 23, 2007 7PM At The Knitting Factory In New York City
LifeDrive Notes: Palm Keyboard Vs. Human Brain
LifeDrive Notes: Final WiFi Unfun
Girls Don’t Cry: Unravelling The Knitting Factory
YouTube: Latest Doctor Who Is Gone, The Sound Of Drums
YouTube: T.H.E. CAT Intro
Blog Notes: YouTube Link Checking
YouTube: Original SF, Synk-RoNyzed
Hmmm… iPhone Line Waiters Wanted? I’m Up!
Our Government Regulators Are Fucking Sell-Out Corporate Tools
Everyone Involved In Tech Will Hang One Day
Warren Ellis Is Shocked, Shocked!
The Secret: I Can’t Finish Reading It!
We Should Have Been Dropping Fiber Into American Homes Instead Of Dropping Bombs In Iraq
YouTube: Brats Of The Lost Nebula WB Promo
YouTube: Some 1960s TV Greatness
That iPhone Demo Movie’s Sleight Of Facts
YouTube: Le Jazz Hot, Baby!
You Know What I Feel Like After Offering To Wait For Cash Money In The iPhone Line?
Oh, Look At The Pathetic Stalkers!
YouTube: The Horse’s Mouth
Failure Has A New Name
Some Ickhead Never Read This Blog Before
Praise The Lord And Pass The Insanity
YouTube: World Trade Center
Redundant Search Terms
Being Unmanly Is The New Manly
iPhone Owners: Please Do A Real Video
Girls Don’t Cry: Women’s Rights 2 Rock Festival
Two Days Before iDay, Has My Heart Been Stolen Away From The iPhone?
The Horror Of Allowing Comments
You See? It’s Not Just My Samsung Q1U Fondle!
iPhone In The Wild Pics
Richard Perez Sends Word Of His New Novel
Will Apple Steal The eBook Limelight From Sony And Create Another Mass Market?
AT&T Says: You Can Buy Just One iPhone From Us!
OK, Here It Is. The iPhone Bellylaugh.
You Must Hire Me To Stand In The iPhone Line For You. You Are In Grave Danger!
The Cable Modem Died
Jaysus! Less Than 24 Hours To iDay!!
Mucho Namaste To FSJ!
WP On iPhone?
OMG!! It’s iDay!!
Harlan Ellison Vs. Fantagraphics: Ended
The NYPL Should Just Take My SoulWill Apple’s Jealous Competitors Stop At Nothing To Ruin iDay?
iQuote Of The iDay
Saturday Will Be My iPhone Day!
Ooh. Neuros Brings YouTube To Your TV.
YouTube: Episode 1 of Gerry Anderson’s Joe 90
WTF? I Call For An iPhone Boycott And It’s Ignored, Yet…
Hey, You Suits: $18 CD = No Sale. Got That?
Just In Case: Eat Shit & Die, Wired!
Dear Mayor Billionaire Bloomberg And City Council Millionaires: Kiss My Ass, You Corporate Tool Motherfuckers!
Blog Notes: Closed Til I Get My Mitts On An iPhone!
I’ve Fondled The iPhone!!
3G Euro iPhone Announcement Monday? No Bloody Way!
New Social Bookmarking Site: Stirrdup
iPhone Top 10 Apps. Aw, Come On!
YouTube: iPhone Speed Typing
YouTube: iPhone Fondle Video
YouTube: Doctor Who, The Sound Of Drums, Is Back Up
iQuote Of The Post-iDay
iPhone Vs. LifeDrive Size

Where Is The New York State Attorney General And State/City Consumer Advocates To Kick Time Warner’s Ass?

June 20, 2007

170 / 402 (Kbps)
(20.7 / 49 KB/sec)
Compared to the average of 1881 tests from
* download is 96% worse, upload is 36% worse

This shit has been going on for weeks now.

Where the hell are the authorities who are supposed to fine the living shit out of these corporations for not delivering on their advertised goods?

May 2007 Contents

May 31, 2007

May 2007 Contents

From first post to last —

May 2007 subhead: Digging My Own Grave (Almost) Daily

April 2007 Contents

I Start The Day (And Month!) Bitching (Did You Expect Anything Else?)
Cringely Goes Off The Fucking Deep End
Fag Beasts And Bloody Flags
Sony Reader Is Gaining Ground
Overclock Your Mind
Ah, Bamford’s In London Now
Kenneth Che-Tew Eng Evil Video Is On YouTube Again
I Have Blog Fatigue Today
Ah. What Might Have Been!
Ah. What Wonders There Would Have Been!
No Blogging Today
Offline Until Monday
H.T. Chen & Dancers: May 3-6 2007 In NYC
Cringely Is A Link Nazi
Go On. Kick Me.
Beemageddon: See? It’s Serious.
More Good Neighbors On YouTube!
Japanese Dorama On YouTube!
Congratulations To Author John Straley!
Hmmm… A Reverse Switcher
Gerry Anderson: Origins On Google Video
Samsung Prices New Q1U To Kill Competitors!
The Future Is FAB!
Bah. You Disappoint Me. As Usual.
Samsung Intros The Q1U In NYC And Blows It: Doesn’t Invite Me!
What The $800 Samsung Q1U Will Lack
Warren Ellis Has Too Much Fun
Supergirl Express
Junkiness Always Has Too Much Fun!
P2P Like 4Evah
tnkgrl Could Teach Even Supergirl Some Things!
Well Then I’m Somebody. Gee, Thanks Google. Now Have My Baby. And Keep It!
Reference: Converting Video For Apple TV
Yo, France. Wut Up?
Today’s Delicious Rant
It’s Mourning In America
The World Is Filled With Madness
The China Syndrome
A Sad Anniversary: Spring Without Bandini
Samsung Q1U Fondle
LifeDrive Notes: One Step Closer!
Go See This Fantastic Animation Video!
No More Blogging Today. Blame Author Ken Bruen!
Anniversary Day Of Note: John Brown’s Birthday
Blogless Day
3:52 PM Today, Lower Manhattan: Gas Bomb?
Mother’s Day Gift Recommendation
Samsung: You Didn’t Set A Blog Record Here
How Many Times Must I Bang Upon Your Numb Skulls?
This Is Not Dissent. This Is Just Stupid.
Oy. Apple Backsided iPod Idea Gives Me Sony CLIE Creeps.
You Suckers. I Told You And Told You And Told You.
Ken: Not As Clever As The Barbies
Samsung Q1U Hardware Topped
The Nokia 770 Is Not Dead Yet: Except To Me
Excellent Samsung Q1 Classic Video Demo
Some Pictures Of That Gorgeous US700 UMPC Design
Samsung Q1U Simulation Video
OK, Intel, I’m Almost Slightly Impressed
What Happens When Eejits Think They Can Improve Perfection
NEE! NEE! Me! Me!
Ah! A Numbers Post!
Blogroll Additions: Warren Ellis & Sinfest
You’re Two Years Too Late, You Eejits!!
It All Seems So … Quaint Now
Very Rare Movie On YouTube: Privilege
Mrs. Peel, Steed, You’re Still Needed
Kenneth Eng’s Ass Is In Jail! Yeah, Baby! Thank You, Jesus!
Beemageddon: Organic Bees Not Disappearing
Reference: Free Legal Advice
To Win The War Is Easy. Possession = Death. Period. No Exceptions. No Excuses. Buh-Bye!
Of Course, I Will Now Burn For That Last Post
“I’m A Human Being, God Damn It! My Life Has Value!”
I Was There. Now You Can Be Too.
More Star Cops On YouTube!
Just Read & Now Reading
A Part Of The Web Is Being Killed
Writers Guild Of America: Strike! Strike! Strike!
Reference: Mac OS X Utilities
Huh. No Posters For Longevity Or Prosperity!
“B Is The New C”
Mickey Mouse: A Real Terrorist!
The Creative Bankruptcy Of Hollywood
ITC: When British TV Ruled The World
YouTube: Chukotka Documentary
Thunderbirds: Origins On Google Video
Sylvia Anderson Has A New Book
The Bloodletting On Radio Continues…
The Human Spirit
Scribez Blog Changes
Another Radio Firing…
Les Moonves: Eejit
Nah, It Can’t Be. Can It?!!?
Kill Me Now, Kill Me Now, Kill Me Now
This Blog 101
Reference: The Zeitgeist
Reference: Surveillance Vids
Very Interesting Blog: Seb’s Raw Takes
Damn. So That’s Why My Romantic Overtures Never Work!
Someone Else Fondled The Samsung Q1U
The Book That Would Defeat The Sony Reader
Bamford Provides Today’s Laugh
I Put A Hate On Email Like This
Yeah, That HBO. It Ain’t Never Had No Future, Neither! Droool.
Now I Know Why Analyst Starts With Those Four Letters
Oh Wow. Color Photos Of America.
Legalize Drugs? Yeah, Right.
The Lighting War Opens A New Front
Compassionate Conservatism My Goddam Ass!
Quote: Colin Wilson
Just Read & Now Reading
Quote: Charles Baudelaire
Quote: Dolly Parton
Quote: Elias Canetti
Quote: George Bernard Shaw
So This Is The Future? I Don’t Think So!
There Had Better Be A Huge Outrage Over This!
Murder By Degrees
Fall 2007 Headline: Where Have All The TV Viewers Gone?
Reference: Business 101
Yahoo Email Goes Unlimited!
Ah, This Is Just Brilliant!
Like You Think Adults Who Eagerly Volunteer To Wear Pinstripes Daily Would Understand?
Tyranny In My Lifetime!
Reference: Video Sites
More Re: The Tyranny
YouTube: Three New Gerry Anderson Vids
Death, Do Your Duty!
Cheap Is As Cheap Does, So Don’t Buy Cheap!
Damn. I Wish I’d Thought Of It!
I’m Beginning To Think There Isn’t A Single Tech Site That Can Be Trusted
Blogroll Changes: Tech Sites Removed
After Two Grim Posts, I Turn To Bamford For A Laugh And Get One!
Oh, So You Lot Who Write Tech Don’t Know Truth? Here’s What It Looks Like.
Offline Now
18 October 2004: The Day TV Died
Hypercasting & Hyperdistribution
Jim Henson Pre-Icky Fame YouTube Video
Another Reminder Why I Don’t Have Comments Here
Peter Beagle: Nebula Award Win
YouTube: Review Of Sony’s iPod Contender
Junkiness: Evil Laugh Of The Day
How Long Before Nielsen Sticks Its Snout In This?
Warren Ellis Speaks Truth!
Just Read & Now Reading
Today Is The Anniversary Of The Birth Of Dennis Potter
Remind Me To Kill You For Sending Me This Link!
And Those Other Two Better Not Be Clones!
Now You Know Why The Chosen Are Few
Blogroll Addition: Serph
Some Dennis Potter Links
Twilight Zone Mashup
This Is How Bad TV Was In The 1970s!
In Japan, TV In The 1970s Wasn’t Much Better!
Rod Serling Interviewed By Mike Wallace
The Absolute Nadir Of 1970s TV
Heather: Is Something Up?
Heather: She Speaks!
Heather: She Set A Search Record Here!
Heather: GMA Interview Now On YouTube, Plus A Slideshow!
Samsung Q1U With Vista: I Wouldn’t Want It For Free!
Reference: Asian DVD Rentals ala NetFlix
Hero, Japanese Drama On YouTube
Heather: Blog Reactions
Heather: You Did Fine On GMA
Heather: One More Thing
My Gripes About Tech And The Internet
Uh-Oh. Yet One More Imus Post.
If You Sell Yourself Short, Why Shouldn’t Everyone Else?
Junkiness: Today’s Bellylaugh
Even After Reading This, I Still Wonder. They Are All Over Manhattan!
When Your Child Dies, Remember To Thank Your Republican-Voting God For The Free Market!
Yippee! A Numbers Post!
Disney: Our Terrorist Mouse Is Better Than Their Terrorist Mouse Anyway
Hey, Mickey Mouse Will Lobby For It!
You Always Do These Things Behind My Back!
How About Free At Last, Free At Last, Thank God Almighty It’s All Free At last?
LifeDrive Notes: New Palm Bluetooth Keyboard
If She Does Not Become A Writer, It Will Be A Crime!
LifeDrive Notes: Mac OS X & Drive Mode
David Bamford Cracks Me Up!
The Loneliest Being On Planet Earth
The Day Will Come When The Suits Will Hang For Their Many Money-Grubbing Sins
Barbie Bandits: Ashley Miller Update
They Are Determined To Hijack Your PC!
Yeah, Baby! Time For Cane To Get His Passport!
Yesterday Was Doomsday. Today Is Doomsday. Tomorrow Is Doomsday.
In France, It’s Always Doomsday
Reference: Google Hot Trends
Hey, Thanks Again, Republicans For Neutering Our Regulatory Agencies
3-D Usually Gets A D From Me
Litvinenko Is Not Forgotten Here
Today’s Bellylaugh: Stock Photos
Don’t Give Money To Restore Old Movies!
Oh My God, Toto! We’re Back In Fucking Kansas!
Thank You, You Liberal Pot-Smoking Scum Of The 1960s! You Will Hang Some Day!
Just Read & Now Reading
YouTube: Afterworld
YouTube: JDrama And Two Movies
YouTube: The Other TV
Reference: More Video Sites
YouTube: The Equalizer
YouTube: Batman Returns
Kenneth Che-Tew Eng’s Sorry Ass Is In Jail Once Again!
Kenneth Che-Tew Eng Is Pimping An Asian Mein Kampf Book Proposal!
Kenneth Che-Tew Eng Still Lives With Mommy!
Blogroll Addition: Wired’s Table Of Malcontents Blog
YouTube: Recovery 2007 UK TV Movie Starring David Tennant
YouTube: The Scarlet Avenger!
YouTube: Cupid
YouTube: Batman OnStar TV Ads
YouTube: The Champions 1960s Classic British TV
YouTube: Cop Rock
YouTube: Space Precinct
YouTube: V
LifeDrive Notes: The Kobayashi Maru Solution (Part One)
LifeDrive Notes: The Kobayashi Maru Solution (Part Two)
LifeDrive Notes: The Kobayashi Maru Solution (Part Three)
Heather: You’re Babe Of The Week!
The New YahooMail
Tip Of The Day
YouTube: Bukowski
YouTube Vs. P2P: YouTube Wins?
LifeDrive Notes: Playing Video
Resistance Is Futile: The Borg Stole It From Gerry Anderson!
LifeDrive Notes: Two Quick Erases!
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LifeDrive Notes: Two Quick Erases!

May 26, 2007

Tried to get my old TE Memos DB onto the LifeDrive via HotSync.

After 45 minutes and seeing no HD activity on the PC side, I aborted. Had to pull the USB cord!

HotSync log stated that I had probably filled the LifeDrive’s memory! It further reported that it couldn’t send over 3 of the gobs of Memos.

It could be so!

I just went to Info on the LifeDrive: 54.9MB free.

My Memos DB? Close to 64MB!!


I will have to do some deletions on the desktop before I can shift everything over.

In the meantime, let me see if I can just get Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks sent over for a start!

Later: Yes, that went well. But when I tried to install some files, Memos tried to Sync again and messed up everything. I’ve just set Memos sync action to Do Nothing as Default. That should keep me out of further trouble until I go through my near-2,000 Memos with a machete next week!

Even without a spinning hard drive in it, this LifeDrive gets hot while HotSyncing. They didn’t have to make hardware that’d take the sync trademark literally!!

Here I am, a veteran Palm user and I’m getting tripped up.

Can you imagine the frustration of those who aren’t tech-savvy to this? They’d fling it out the window (OK, return it for a refund!). I believe it’s this crap that has sent Palm’s marketshare into freefall.

For God’s sake, why is it ten years later and there’s no Progress Bar in HotSync?