What Could Have Been…

December 12, 2007

Update: As of August 16 2008, when I happened to peek in here, the fake Rolling Stone magazine cover I’d created was shown to be expired. Expired?!!? WTF is that?! How absolutely stupid is that!? FAIL! I should have done a screensnap. If I knew this was going to happen, I would have — and replaced their eejitastic version.

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Rachael Cornick, Heather Fairlight, Liz Kelly

Girls Don’t Cry <//3
(In English: Girls Don’t Cry broke my heart…)

Never Never Never Never Never Never Ever Quit

December 8, 2007

I never thought I would write this.

And it has to appear here.

Because it’s about Girls Don’t Cry.


They no longer exist. They’ve disbanded.

They’ve quit.

Girls Don’t Cry as they were on June 21, 2007:
Sora An, Rachael Cornick, Hannah Fairlight, Liz Kelly, Caitlin Gray

Don’t Quit!

Charles Bukowski

Having failed to hold a job, and now fast becoming a failed student, there was increasing tension at home. When his father discovered he had been writing stories on the typewriter they bought to help with his college work, Henry tossed the manuscripts, the typewriter and his son’s clothes out onto the lawn. Bukowski took $10 from his mother and caught a bus downtown where he rented a room on Temple Street before moving to a ‘plywood shack’ on Bunker Hill. He dropped out of college soon afterwards, In June, 1941, and, after working manual jobs for six months, in the Southern Pacific railroad yards and at the Borg-Warner factory on South Flower Street, he set out to explore America so he could write about ‘the real world’ of rooming houses, factory jobs and bars, like John Fante.

He caught a bus to New Orleans and worked in a warehouse there, saving his money until he had enough to quit the job and pay his rent in advance so he could stay in his room all day and write. When he ran short of money, he tried to live on candy bars to postpone getting another ‘eight-hour job of nothingness’. The only friend he made in New Orleans was a near-senile old man, and the only place he went was a depressing bar near Canal Street, ‘the saddest bar I was ever in’ as he wrote in his poem, ‘drink.’

In Atlanta, Georgia, he lived in a tar-paper shack lit by a single bulb. He was still trying to write, but the stories kept coming back from the New York magazines and he allowed himself to starve rather than get a regular job, believing that writing would save him, like the deluded hero of Knut Hamsun’s Hunger, another favorite novel. Atlanta was the nadir of Bukowski’s time on the road, almost the end of him. Sick with hunger, he wrote to his father asking for money and, after getting a long letter of admonishment by reply, he considered committing suicide by touching a live electric wire. Then he noticed the blank margins on his newspaper and began writing in them. Looking at his life in retrospect, he said this was the moment that proved he was a writer. Although nobody would ever read what he had written, he felt compelled to scribble something.
— Charles Bukowski: Locked in the Arms of a Crazy Life – the biography – Howard Sounes

Nicole Griffith

I read somewhere that someone once said that in order to make one’s living in any field of creative endeavor one had to be almost psychotic. You have to believe in yourself so strongly, to sit there day after day with your computer or your pen or your piece of paper or guitar, and think “I can do this. 999 billion people before me have failed, but I can do this.” It’s quite a psychotic state of mind to have to hang onto year after year. It takes years. Nobody does it overnight.
— interview printed in the eBook, “The Reality Break Interviews: Volume #0” – Dave Slusher


Don’t quit!

If you are going through hell, keep going.
–Winston Churchill

Photo Album: DigitalLife Expo 2007

September 28, 2007

Of last year’s small attendees, only Supacam and GelaSkins came back. No Pepper. And, shockingly, no Sony! I wanted to fondle the new Sony Reader, dammit.

Even though Palm had four Meeting Rooms, no Foleo. Palm was all Centro.

No Asus Eee in sight or even hinted at. Damn!

The show was shockingly small. My quick overview was done in just an hour!

On with the show…

Gateway was showing off a new machine that ripped off the Mac design was all-in-one…

…in fact, it’s called One

Gateway also showed off this humongous monitor; that’s three websites and an XboX picture-in-picture running

The cheap-ass Palm display; you had to pay for drinks!

Sorry-assed freebies (also a pen and jellybeans; not shown)

Crowded, huh?

No Treos. No PDAs. No Foleo. Just Centro.

Centro being demonstrated. Palm had the blonde I ordered, but no Foleo!

The crowding will kill you…

PC Magazine made it worthwhile again with a batch of wee devices

The big deal HTC Advantage running WinMob 6. Their HotSpot wasn’t working so I couldn’t try Opera browsing. But still, now having given this thing a feel (that’s far less than a fondle), I was very unimpressed. About a grand for that? No!

Size next to Centro actual-size brochure

Next to the ShitDrive my LifeDrive (left edges aligned)

With iPhone (left edges aligned)

My flash kills the HTC screen while the iPhone smiles

Better picture where I off-centered the flash… iPhone screen is still better

HTC vs OQO (left edges aligned)

Dell brings color to notebooks. Big whoop.

Erector is pimping a WiFi spy robot now…

… I didn’t get details. Go Google.

Aie! My mortal enemies!

Yeah, she looks like a satisfied customer. Must have used the 770!

Just as my brain began to melt out of my ears, I hear over the rush of earwax, “Mike! Mike! Mike! Mike!” I think, “Me? It’s a trap!” “Mike! Mike!” I turn around and my god —

— it’s Liz Kelly and Hannah Fairlight of Girls Don’t Cry at the Save Net Radio booth! Real human beings at the trade show! How did they get in?

Then it was back to the torment for me…

Why? Why? Why?

See above caption

A Pac-Man hat!

What the world was waiting for: Snoopy on cellphones! Kill me now.

I don’t know what it is …

… but I want it. NOW!!

Did anyone buy these?

Spider-Mutt. And Linux should sue for abuse of the penguin.

Look at them, ready to pounce and kill me!

Some parrot robot that does things

No Philip K. Dick electric sheep in sight. Thank God!

Cute enough to make you want to kill yourself. Not cute enough for Japan.

The new slavery: People as videogame consoles

All right! Something freaky!!

An electronic camera that magnifies up to 200x. What’s this guy have?

As I thought: FLEAS!

Non-parasite-infested samples to magnify

OK. This is just wrong.

Toshiba’s new Gigabeat player. More fodder thrown underneath the iPod juggernaut.

This is a very interesting notebook. Very lightweight with a CD/DVD drive!

The specs. Turns out that sub-2-pound one uses Flash, not a hard drive. Always a catch!

Only I would turn a notebook over like a turtle to show you its bottom isn’t flat!

Closed view. Wee LEDs on the edge you can see when closed.

Scale next to LifeDrive

Next to dollar bill (suggested by Toshiba rep!)

Screen in outdoor transflective mode. No, it’s not turned off —

— close up. I was told it’s very bright in direct sunlight. Hmmmm. I was also told you can get this with XP installed instead of Vista. The Toshiba rep wanted that made very, very clear. Wow, Vista must be the biggest disaster in Microsoft history!

Eight flatscreens showing eight players killing each other in Gears of War

This was fun. Toshiba did a Deal Or No Deal game

They picked a number by random draw corresponding to a seat. This woman was the first to play…

She picked a case. The two models were very lovely and lively. Drool. Real women!

The banker tries to get her to swap the case for a backpack!

“Open the case…”

Oh. My. God!


She won top prize: A free Toshiba laptop computer!!!

One of those ceiling-projected interactive displays seen on mall floors

At hp’s booth, I come across their Tablet PC …

— and leave my mark!

The new hp PDA next to the LifeDrive; hp stylus shorter & thinner than LifeDrive’s. Yes, my LifeDrive screen is also showing year view on full brightness! Those of you thinking of swapping a RAM-based Palm PDA for this, forget it. It took five seconds to open a Mobile Word document. I can get that shitty non-performance with my LifeDrive!

I go back to the Palm exhibit…

LifeDrive next to Centro

Real-life size comparison: my shit-ass Thiefone Tracfone next to the Centro

I need a break from this unrelenting technology. I go see Hannah and Liz and find to my horror…

Hannah has become professorial, tutoring people on Saving Net Radio. Poor Liz is getting high from sniffing soy chips again. She has such a tough addiction!

I see the pair of assassins Palm and Nokia have co-funded to kill my ass. I flee.

But there’s no escape. In the hallway leaving, I see …

American technology vandalized by Finns …

… inside it has an Anti-Internet Tablet installed …

Thoughtfix probably drooled. (I see the lad is lapping up the Kool-Aid these days… sad.)

The show ran til 7PM. I fled a little after 5PM (sorry, Hannah and Liz!). It was very disappointing. I didn’t return today due to lack of sleep. If I’m bored tomorrow, I might return to see what’s going on. But I doubt anything will be…

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Girls Don’t Cry Has New Songs Up On MySpace!

September 15, 2007

Girls Don’t Cry at the Knitting Factory July 22, 2007

The fantastic band Girls Don’t Cry has put up two new songs on their MySpace page.

Jen and Franky is new to MySpace.

American Boy is brand new, period — they just finished recording it in the past two weeks!

Head over to the Girls Don’t Cry MySpace page and rock!

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Girls Don’t Cry 9:30PM Tonight September 14 2007 @ Connolly’s NYC

September 14, 2007


Connolly’s Pub

121 West 45th Street
New York, New York

I think this is a new venue for the Girls. Ah, how I wish I could attend! Good luck, ladies!

Girls Don’t Cry Get The Remix Treatment

August 9, 2007

I stumbled across this on MySpace yesterday. My jaw is still on the floor. Girls Don’t Cry have had two of their songs remixed. Morphed, is more like it. That’s the Sound without Liz’s fantastic drums is just weird. And the eponymous Girls Don’t Cry really highlights how creative a remix can be. The vocals still carry the original beat but are now backed by totally different music with a different pace. Wow. Go listen!

No bass for you, Caitlin!

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Photo Album: Girls Don’t Cry @ McCarren Park July 25, 2007

July 31, 2007

The skies let loose with a billion tons of rain on Sunday, so Girls Don’t Cry didn’t get to play at the 25th Annual Quick Check New Jersey Festival of Ballooning. Major suck, that. Don’t get discouraged, Girls! You’ll have another huge venue soon!

Below are photos from their free appearance at Brooklyn’s McCarren Park on July 25.

Entering the main park area, I immediately come up two of the Girls…

…Caitlin Gray and Rachael Cornick!

The Girls got there well before me and had already started their setup.

I see a cowhand with a guitar and wonder who the country music fill-in is!

Surprise! It’s Hannah Fairlight!

The wee accordion Hannah plays during the Girls’ cover of Add It Up.

Some of the tools of the music trade.

The sacred percussion domain of Liz Kelly.

Hannah shading her Chromatic Tuner with her father’s boots!

Nest of wires: a surge suppressor plugged into another surge suppressor!

Liz giving me her special Go Away look!

Caitlin finds something exciting in the neighborhood paper…

… an article about Girls Don’t Cry appearing that very night!

I have plied the Girls with large apples to distract them soothe them into being photographed!

A peek at the keyboards that Rachael uses!

The Girls relax before finishing their setup.

Then it’s back to work for final prep.

The sun shines on the Girls in more way than one!

Suddenly, everyone tells Hannah to freeze!

A butterfly has landed on her hat!

A peek at the sacred drums of Liz!

Liz is caught with her boots off!

Yes, this is how she works the drums! Stocking feet!

The poster for the weekly Park event.

The listing for the Girls.

The sound board that’s used to balance voices and instruments.

Rachael: “Let’s get this party started — oops, that’s Pink! We don’t do Pink!”

And the Girls are Go! Go! Go!

Rachael and Hannah are Go!

Liz, Sora and Caitlin are Go!

Liz pounding those drums!

The Girls in full musical force!

Liz and Rachael.

Hannah and Caitlin (Sora hiding in between!)

A happy, singing Rachael!

Hannah and Caitlin singing it out!

Liz caught singing and drumming!

Aow! Rachael gets into the groove!

So does Liz!

Hannah and Caitlin too! It’s a Girls Groove-a-Thon!!

Sora shredding the guitar as Caitlin does vocals and bass!

Sora busting a groove move!

Sora singing Cobain.

Liz on her drums!

Three Girls on three guitars! Electric-string angels from heaven!

And that’s a wrap! Too soon!

Sora is still happy!

Hannah gives a T-shirt demonstration.

The aftermath. Too soon!

And Hannah’s drenched back says it all: The Girls play hard!

I had hoped to get real close photos at this event, especially since it’d be daylight and I wouldn’t risk blinding any of the the Girls with a flash. But… one of the Girls had a camera set up next to the sound board and it covered the entire front of the stage. I didn’t want to ruin the video, so I stayed well out of its range. As it turned out, I had to stand further away from them than at any of their indoor events! Ah well.

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Girls Don’t Cry: Tomorrow, Sunday July 29th In New Jersey

July 28, 2007


25th Annual Quick Check New Jersey Festival of Ballooning

The Quick Chek New Jersey Festival of Ballooning is North America’s largest summertime hot air balloon festival featuring up to 125 sport and special-shape balloons, live musical entertainment, children’s entertainment, food and drink, interactive exhibits and attractions for New Jersey residents and visitors from across America. Held annually in central New Jersey, the event attracts some 175,000 people over three days.

This summer, the festival will celebrate its 25th Anniversary!

Girls Don’t Cry will be playing tomorrow, Sunday, at 1:30PM. They will be opening for Creedence Clearwater Revisited.

25th Annual Quick Check New Jersey Festival of Ballooning
Solberg Airport
37 Thor Solberg Rd
Whitehouse Station, NJ
08889-3114 USA


Photo Album: Proof Of My Anti-Photographic Ability

July 26, 2007

Just how bad a photograph can I wind up taking?



Co-Producer/Co-Songwriter of Girls Don’t Cry Richard Berg in conference with musician/singer Hannah Fairlight. Photo taken Wednesday July 25, 2007 at McCarren Park.

What you don’t really see until I move in:


I managed to align a streetlamp in the background with the tip of her nose! Hannah ala Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer!

I should never be trusted with a camera… any good pictures I take are purely coincidental.

Photos of the Girls at the Park coming soon.

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(Second) Quote Of The Day: GDC @ WR2R

July 26, 2007

Organizers of the Women’s Right To Rock – Women’s Music Festival posting on the Girls Don’t Cry MySpace page:

An AMAZING Band !!!! What a Show !!!!
GDC were the FIRST “All-Female Band” to ROCK The Women’s Music Festival and STOLE THE WEEKEND ! GDC @ WR2R 2008 ?

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