Attention Dennis Potter Fans: Romance & Cigarettes Is Out In New York City

September 23, 2007

This long-unreleased movie inspired by Dennis Potter’s “serials with songs” is available to see in New York City at Film Forum.

A podcast interview with John Turturro is available at the Film Forum link.

Romances & Cigarettes wikipedia entry

Romances & Cigarettes IMDb entry

Dennis Potter puppet head from only God Knows Where

Update: A variety of YouTube vids are also available.

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They Want To Erase Bukowski’s Bungalow

September 23, 2007

5124 De Longpre Ave

Charles Bukowski lived at 5124 De Longpre from 1963 to 1974. It was during this time that many pivotal events occured in his writing career, namely; the beginning of his partnership with Black Sparrow Press, the writing and publishing of his first novel Post Office, his first public poetry reading, and the “research” which would later become his novel Women. It was also during this period that Bukowski begain to attain notoriety as a writer, so much so that one neighbor describes his having to sneak out the back door to avoid admirers lingering in the courtyard. The apartment is one of the last vestiges of Bukowski’s Los Angeles – stark, honest, and sometimes beautiful. It’s one of the only places he describes in his books, so noteworthy for their evocative sense of place, that remain faithfull to the time.

Currently the bungalow apartments at 5124 De Longpre stand empty and boarded up, ensconced in a chain-link fence. The property has been listed on Craig’s List as ready for demolition. We are currently embarking on a campaign to have these apartments declared a historic-cultural landmark before the property is sold and demolished. It’s a race against time, but we feel that one of Los Angeles’s finest writers and native sons deserves to take his place in the pantheon of our city’s rich and fascinating history.


Our President Admits He Is A War Criminal

September 22, 2007

OK, this is so damned important that it calls for me to embed a YouTube video in this blog for the fourth time.

Watch this, dammit!

And I repeat the first YouTube vid I’ve ever embedded, Paddy Chayefsky calling you to action:

If I Could Be You

September 14, 2007

Previously: Movies You Must See And I Guarantee You Haven’t!


A brilliant book, part of a trio

A stunning screenplay — not one wasted or dull word










Gulley Jimson, artist.

Disheveled, unshaven, chronically short of cash, oppressed by Authority and Suits.

I’d have his life any day over yours.

Reading: September 5 2007

September 5, 2007

Now Reading:
I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead: The Dirty Life and Times of Warren Zevon by Crystal Zevon
— went to the head of my Endless Book Queue because of this.

Just Read:
Dork Whore: My Travels Through Asia as a Twenty-Year-Old Pseudo-Virgin. by Iris Bahr
— see separate post.

White Corridor by Christopher Fowler
— separate post coming at some point.

About Time (short stories) by Jack Finney
(a re-read or 2nd re-read…)
— Finney is always a delight. Of the twelve stories, the final two are ringers and not about time travel at all. One of the time travel stories has a man who goes into the past using a car. Hmmmm, I’m looking at you, Back to the Future.

Ocean by Warren Ellis, Chris Sprouse and Karl Story.
— I surprised you with this, eh? It hadn’t been listed in Reading. Got it from the NYPL unexpectedly. It’s a neat little tale. The art is nearly like motion picture storyboards. It’s also been optioned for a movie. Someone page Ridley Scott or David Lynch. There’s one problem I had with this book: its presentation. It read like one book. It turns out it was a series and this is a compilation. I didn’t find this out until I saw a cover gallery in the back. That really pissed me off. I think the covers should have been chapter breaks. And what’s this — no page numbers?! How can I quote anything without citing a page number?!

Final Cut? Shred It For All I Care!

September 2, 2007

New “Blade Runner” cut is “how it should have been”

I absolutely cannot understand the cult that has surrounded the movie Blade Runner. I simply hate this movie.

That’s because I love the work of Philip K. Dick and there is just about none of him in this movie allegedly based upon his classic novel, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? The novel is a stunning work of genius. The move is vapid, pretentious Hollywood bullshit.


Read the book.

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Quote Of The Day: The Genius Of Jack Kirby

September 2, 2007

Jack Kirby, a Comic Book Genius, Is Finally Remembered

He created a new grammar of storytelling and a cinematic style of motion. Once-wooden characters cascaded from one frame to another — or even from page to page — threatening to fall right out of the book into the reader’s lap. The force of punches thrown was visibly and explosively evident. Even at rest, a Kirby character pulsed with tension and energy in a way that makes movie versions of the same characters seem static by comparison.

Kirby was — and is still — so far ahead of everyone. He will be stolen from by generations to come as the tools to create dramatic imagery via software becomes more powerful, affordable, and spreads out to the masses.

Jack Kirby (Mike Royer inks) panel from his neomythic New Gods epic series

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What? They’re Making A Movie I Want To See?!!?

September 2, 2007


According to the Paul Lynde MySpace Page(!), this is in pre-production. Produce it! Produce it!

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R.I.P. Hilly Kristal, CBGB’s Founder

August 30, 2007

NPR: CBGB’s Hilly Kristal Championed Punk-Rock Spirit

NY Daily News: The value of CBGB’s founder Hilly Kristal

NY Sun: Hilly Kristal, 75, Began CBGB, Home of Punk

I’m reprinting a MySpace Bulletin the band Cheap Perfume sent out:

RIP Our dear friend,

How different our lives would have been without Hilly Kristal. Upon hearing the sad news of his passing at the too-young age of 75, we took a moment to reflect upon the influence Hilly had on literally thousands maybe millions of people. He was a true original forward-thinking enough to turn his creation CBGB/OMFUG into the launching pad for the second wave of hyper-creative rock musicians since the 60s. Would any other club owner have recognized the genius of the Ramones and afforded them the opportunity to grow and develop into the groundbreaking innovators they ultimately became? What about Television? Or Blondie? Or The Talking Heads? Or Patti Smith? Not to mention The Dead Boys, Sorrows, The Shirts, The Plasmatics, The Revelons, Nervus Rex, Quincy, Son, The Police, Marshall Crenshaw, The Tuff Darts, The Demons, The Miamis, The Laughing Dogs the list goes on and on of the crazed and colorful acts that graced the stage of Hillys gritty and authentic music haven. Our own band, Cheap Perfume, had its first gig ever at CBGB in early 79 (where two of our founding members, Susan Palermo and Alison Berger, worked as waitresses), and we came to regard the place almost like our alma mater, our home away from home, our base. Hilly was frequently to be seen in the neighborhood of the East Village. When you saw him, he’d greet you in a very gentlemanly and cordial way, and you just knew he remembered who you were, which band you were in and what instrument you played. (Or at least he made you feel like he did.) The world has lost one of the shapers of popular culture and he will be sorely missed, but fondly and affectionately remembered always.

L, Brenda, Susan, Bunny and Nancy

Cheap Perfume

NYPL: Writer Lafcadio Hearn

August 29, 2007

If you don’t know who Lafcadio Hearn is, look him up. No, I won’t provide a link to wikipedia for your lazy ass. (Oh, all right then.) Another one of my gods. Kneel!






All images from NYPL Digital Gallery, The New York Public Library

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