LifeDrive Notes: Software To Try And Video Conversion

March 14, 2007

Palm Addicts is filled with goodies today:

Display Manager 1.3 is out

Henk has upgraded his Display Manager. Control the state of the dynamic input area and the screen rotation like never before.

With DisplayManager you can set the state of the dynamic input area, the screen rotation, the state of the on-screen graffiti and the input area mode for each application and also change them on the fly.

Screen capture

Have you ever wanted to capture your palm’s screen when you passed a game or show someone what you are seeing on your palm? There are apps out there that do this, screen capture, like your print button in Windows.

Palm/Treo Web Video Generator

Palm/Treo Web Video Generator may have potential allowing you to watch You Tube video’s on your Palm device […]

How to transcode video for your Palm

If you like to watch video podcasts on your Palm but experience choppy video here is what to do.


P2P Forever And Ever!

February 16, 2007

Appeerances Can Be Deceiving: What’s that 40-gig hard drive doing inside my Apple TV?

Here is what I think is happening with the Apple TV hard drive. I think sometime this summer Apple will ship a firmware upgrade for the Apple TV and it will suddenly gain an important new capability. That’s when the Apple TV becomes a node on the iTunes peer-to-peer video network.

If the Apple TV is plugged in it is turned on. Did you notice that? That means the hard drive will have at least the capability of running 24/7. Now envision a BitTorrent-like file distribution system that is controlled primarily by iTunes, rather than by you or me. A centrally controlled P2P system is VERY powerful because it allows for the pre-positioning of content.

Say Disney releases Cars 1.5 — a direct-to-DVD release expected to sell millions of copies in its first few days. There is no way iTunes could even hope to participate in a launch like that simply because there isn’t enough bandwidth at a good price — or any price. Even BitTorrent would have troubles handling a small part of such a launch until enough seeds were populated and running. But what if the movie was effectively pre-seeded — loaded over a few days on a distribution tree of thousands of Apple TV boxes which could then deliver the movie locally at high speed if purchased. Or if not purchased the seeded copies could still work together to serve other Apple TVs on the same ISP subnet.

Let’s say this is true. How soon will it be hacked for real P2P?

Reference: iPod For Beginners

February 15, 2007

Need help with that iPod?

iPods are indisputably the most popular gadgets of recent years. The iPod, however comes with very little documentation. As such, NotePage, Inc. has created a downloadable pdf that explains the ins and outs of iPods. The free iPod tutorial explains the differences between the iPod models. It also deciphers the technical jargon used on websites to explain the iPods various features and functions. Check it out … it’s not bad!

YouTube: Bait For The Man

February 8, 2007

The Puppet Stars of YouTube

I won’t be surprised if someday soon I’m writing about a puppeteer who’s scored a big deal for a TV show or movie and how they got their start on YouTube.

A (P)odcast Will Be Worth More Than This

February 7, 2007

Air America Fire Sale
Documents: Bankrupt liberal radio network to sell for $4.25 million

Within five years it will be so.

Reference: (p)odcast

Reference: iPod And Audiobooks

February 2, 2007

Convert audiobooks to Audiobooks

Given some recent-ish posts in Playlist’s forums, it seems there’s some confusion about putting audiobooks on an iPod that weren’t purchased from or the iTunes Store. Let me see what I can do to clear up that confusion.

TV: From Podvision To Stevevision

January 31, 2007

Those guys at Apple Recon are good: Apple TV 2.0.

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