Reference: Free Clip Art

September 26, 2007



WPClipart is a collection of high-quality public domain images specifically tailored for use in word processors, and optimized for printing on home/small office inkjet printers. There are thousands of color graphic clips as well as hundreds of illustrations and photographs. As of Monday, 09/24/2007 there are 18,432 images.

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Reference: iPod Touch Versus iPhone

September 25, 2007

iPhone features you’ll miss out on by buying an iPod touch

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Reference: List Of iPhone Native Apps

September 24, 2007

The List

— oddly, this screensnap shows TextEdit but the list lacks it!

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Reference: Installing Native Apps On An iPhone

Reference: $99 decTOP Computer

September 19, 2007


Too bad I’m not a hardcore techie who knows how to take advantage of this thing. Several people have written about installing flavors of Linux on it. No reports of Windows, however.

Reference: Installing Native Apps On An iPhone

August 20, 2007

How To: Install Apps on Your iPhone Easily, No Hacking Skills Required

I put this here Just In Case.

But by the time I get my own damned iPhone, Apple will have released an Official SDK and native apps will be all over the place and no harder to install than an iTunes sync.

Reference: Megavideo

August 15, 2007

Megavideo — bills itself as “Beats YouTube.”

Incompatible Compatible with Download Helper as of August 29, 2007. Requires $$ in order to download original video.

Reference: Feevy

August 6, 2007

display content from other blogs at your website with just one simple html tag

Reference: Cancer Therapy

July 29, 2007

Coley’s Cancer-Killing Concoction

On October 1st 1890, William B. Coley, a young bone surgeon barely two years out of medical school, saw one of his first patients in private practice at the New York Memorial Hospital. Although he’d only finished his residency earlier the same year, he’d already gained a good reputation and many considered him a rising star of the New York surgical scene.

The seventeen year old patient had a painful, rapidly growing lump on the back of her right hand. She had pinched the unlucky appendage between two railway carriage seats on a transcontinental trip to Alaska some months before, and when the bruise failed to heal she assumed the injury had become infected. However the bruise turned into a bulge, the pain steadily worsened, and her baffled doctors were eventually compelled to call for Dr. Coley. As a surgical man, Coley would never have guessed that this innocuous referral would take his career in a totally new direction– into an unusual branch of medicine now known as cancer immunotherapy.

Reference: Online Storage

July 29, 2007

ONLINE STORAGE: 80+ File Hosting and Sharing Sites

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Reference: Google Video On iPhone

July 24, 2007

Google Video on your iPhone

Really, I kick myself for not realizing this! I could have tested it during my extended fondle.

For those similarly retarded, here’s some Google Video goodies to molest on your iPhone:

The Greatest Feat In The History Of Mankind
Google Video: Free Documentaries
Google Video: Two Gerry Anderson
Thunderbirds: Origins On Google Video
Gerry Anderson: Origins On Google Video
“Oh My God, There’s No More World Trade Center.”

Once Apple does its massive software update, this stuff can be saved directly onto the iPhone. Look at that: no desktop required. Suddenly the idea of The Cloud becomes real…