Something You’ve Never Seen Before.

March 22, 2007

Wheeler Winston Dixon – Serial Metaphysics

Dixon conjures fever dream magic from commercial banality.
Check in particular the end sequence of clip one:
David Lynch eat your heart out.

QuickTime video.

Go. See. Now.

(No, you coward. It’s not something disgusting. Safe for work, Christians and other children.)


Writer Tom Disch Catches On To The Political Scam That’s Been Going On For Over Twenty Years

March 13, 2007

At Home in Our Police State

I no longer see left and right as political alternatives but simple as the two stones of an all-grinding mill.

— linkswipe from Warren Ellis

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Political Change? Prove it!

Mike Cane Is A Fucking Eejit!!!

March 10, 2007

These things naturally happen at bedtime…

Contemplating my WordPress woes, I reviewed in my head the email I sent to support. I mentioned I was using Firefox 2.x.

Uh, nope!

For the past three days — coinciding with my WordPress woes — I have been using a mutant variant!

Because I followed what someone else advised.

Which I posted about.

I’m not home right now. Once I am,I’ll have to restore the default Firefox settings.

If I can!

Father Of Ren & Stimpy Speaks

February 28, 2007

The World According to John K.

WN: So you really think this form of advertisement will change the way products are marketed?

John K.: Advertising now is so bloated. Have you seen some of the ads out there? They’re shitty.


WN: So the online medium is a place you’re going to be working in, mostly?

John K.: Online is a much better place for my brand of humor. Working for the studios is so bureaucratic. It’s awful. You can’t get anything done. Look what happened with Ren and Stimpy.

I clicked on the two ads linked in the article. They were funny.

Note To Self, Re: Last Post: Buy Ink Cartridges & Wet-Resistant Paper

February 26, 2007

click to enlarge (the image!)

As Ralph Kramden would say: Hominahominahomina…

I must go, um, master my domain now.

Blog Changes

February 23, 2007

No one’s playing with your head. The sidebar widget arrangements have been moved about a bit.

10K To 40K!

January 25, 2007

I started this blog on October 1, 2006.

On November 11, it hit 10K total hits.

Now today, January 25, 2007, another milestone: the counter just passed 40K!


Thanks to all.