Tech Quote Of The Day: James Kendrick

September 22, 2007

Even Microsoft realizes Vista doesn’t work for everyone

See, we were right all along here on jkOnTheRun and this just proves that Vista is not ready to run your mobile PCs. Maybe not even your desktop. Wow.


How do we spell Massive Fail? V-i-s-t-a!

Vista: It’s Worse Than BOB!

Asus Eee: XP Runs!

September 13, 2007

Details Eaking Out on the Asus Eee PC

We just received a few tips from Carlos, a reader, on the Asus Eee PC. This tips come from a friend of his who works at Asus.

* Windows XP has been successfully installed on the Linux based Eee PC

* It will be close to a 300 Euros price point, but with better specs than the cheaper model

* The pricier model might include a bigger screen, and possibly a 16gb flash drive

Whoaaaa on two points there: running XP (my head spins over being able to use my desktop apps on the cheeeeep*) and the 16GB Flash (something kinda mentioned here).

If this machine isn’t total shit, if it can be hacked galore, if it is really affordable and expandable, Asus will have sparked an Apple-like revolution. Hardly anyone will care about the Foleo afterwards. Even Steve Jobs will be hard pressed to come out with a Foleo-like machine at $700.

How long will you torment us all with speculation, Asus?

*(Let’s all remember that battery life specs issued by Asus are based on their configuration of the Eee. Putting in a different OS, expanding the RAM or the Flash could drain the battery too quickly!)

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Safari For Windows: Still Sick!

August 9, 2007

Oy, Apple, please fix this!I just got the latest Safari from Apple. I’m using it for this post.But although this is the third line in this text, when I hit Publish I expect everything to get mooshed together into one nasty-lookin’ paragraph.Fourth line. Safari still doesn’t play well with WordPress and blank lines. I can get them fine in either view, but when it comes time to pass this stuff to the WP server, poof! go the blank lines. I will not reformat this if it turns out ugly. Bad Apple. Bad, bad Apple!

Pre-post update: OK, here’s the thing. The blank lines actually do stay in. But if I switch views after hitting Save and Continue Editing, poof! go the blank lines!

So close, Apple… and, no, I won’t clean up the fugliness.

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Two Days Before iDay, Has My Heart Been Stolen Away From The iPhone?

June 27, 2007

Oh. My. Gawd.

Steve aka Chippy over at UMPC Portal has gotten his mitts on a production sample version of the Raon Digital successor to the Vega, the Everun.

Rather than me drooling all over the place about it, go see his two videos about it. (Embedded YouTube.)

The iPhone has auto-rotate. So does the Everun.

The Everun can play Flash video and just about anything else you can put in Windows XP.

The iPhone … uh, can do a subset of YouTube videos…

Anyway, go look at the videos!

One thing I know for sure: Who’d want a Palm Foleo after seeing this baby?

–linkswipe via JK on the Run

VIA Touts Nanobook By Citing The Beat Gen Writers

June 17, 2007

VIA NanoBeat — YouTube video

I take a dim view of companies other than Apple trying to piggyback on writers.

Seriously, this could be a good gadget to have. Not pocketable, but probably preferable to the Flopeo Palm Foleo.

–linkswipe via UMPC Portal

Apple Safari Browser For Win XP: Super Fast But Still Super Sick

June 14, 2007

Apple was nice enough to inform me me me (OK, the PC!) that a new version of Safari was available (as well as, ahem, suggest I might want to get the latest iTunes and QuickTime too!), so I went and got it (and them).I’ve already edited a post on this blog, and all went well. No blank lines being stolen in the dead of night.This not-saying-much post is another test to see if Safari will keep the blank lines or pickpocket them away from the post.If it works, I will be using Safari — until I hit the point that I really really need to go back to Firefox because of my addiction to need to use its plugins.

Ah, well. It stole the blank lines.

Here’s what happens:

1) I do some writing into the WordPress Write app.

2) Do a Save and Continue Editing

3) Click Preview

4) Go back to writing

5) Do another Save and Continue Editing

6) POOF! It steals the blank lines!

Back to Firefox…

Code Terrorists To Apple: Thanks For The Safari, D00ds!

June 12, 2007

That fiend James Kendrick makes an excellent point here: Safari for Windows- the portal is open