iPod Touch Coming Next Week?

August 28, 2007

A comment at the 9to5 Mac site seems to reveal some new iPod goodness debuting from Apple next week:

More news on the ipod Touch

Take it with a grain of salt but this is what I heard from my cousin’s buddy who works at Apple in the iPod division. I have a hard time believing he would have revealed anything with Apple being exceptionally tight on privacy. While he declined to answer about some things, it appeared evident that the following are near certain items on the iPod Touch:

1) Black Gloss and White Gloss frames around the touch screen

2) iChat integration. My thought here is that AT&T makes money on SMS messages and did not want to compromise on having iChat on the iPhone for launch. Whether it has video or not would require a camera on the face of the iPod. Will require a mic for voip chat and Apple will be introducing the free voice connectivity between any new iPod Touch/iPhone

3) iTunes downloads over iPod using WiFi

4) TV Out (I have no idea why the iPhone doesn’t have this as it makes perfect sense in business walking into a meeting and connecting my iPhone/iPod to a projector and delivering a presentation. Keep in mind, Apple thought to get around the TV out issue on the iPhone with the ability to have Apple TV draw content off your iPhone or directly from the web via .Mac. Doesn’t help when you are traveling

5) Games will be released concurrently for iPod and iPhone

6) Weird speculation pegged the iPod/iPhone to act as a bluetooth controller for the Nintendo Wii as it has the proximity sensors in it to help with similar games

7) GPS unlikely as Apple will want to blow away existing GPS devices and will require additional programming time. Look for a coordinated effort with Google here.

I like that rumored name, iPod Touch. I can see Apple’s tagline for it:

Get Close To Your Music. Touch It.


Now You Can Touch Your Music

or even:

Get Touched By Your Music All Over Again

(Of course, we will see the sad Zune cultists come up with something pathetic: You Have To Be Touched To Buy An iPod.)

iPhone More Popular Than Zune And Harry Potter

August 5, 2007

I’ve now seen four (two of which were less than 24 hours ago) iPhones in the wild. That means in the hands of the general public, far away from any Apple Store.


Within the past 24 hours, I’ve seen three people with the latest Harry Potter book on the ferry.

Since its introduction, I’ve seen only two people with Zunes.

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On The Internet, Telling The Truth Becomes Imaginary

July 26, 2007

Imagine this: Straight talk on the housing market

Reading word of the debacle at class-act mortgage lender Countrywide (CFC), I couldn’t help thinking about a fascinating interview my colleague Jon Birger did recently with Bob Toll, eternal optimist and CEO of luxury home builder Toll Brothers (TOL). When I read the Q&A in the magazine, I was struck by how there seemed to be a sub-text to everything Toll said, a sort of What-He-Says versus What-He’d-Say-If-You-Injected-Him-With-Truth-Serum. So with apologies to Jon and Bob, here is an imagined annotation to Toll’s responses, were he being more candid than the situtation allowed. (To read the full interview, follow the link above. I’ve edited it for space below. The bold are Birger’s questions, the plain text are Toll’s published answers, and the bit in italics is my contribution.)

Also remember:

* Microsoft makes the best products
* Zune will crush iPod
* People who are MVPs are unbiased and trustworthy

I Told You, Microsoft. Zune Is For Losers.

July 24, 2007

How much more proof do you need?

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Give It Up, Microsoft

July 24, 2007

Just face it: Zune is for losers.

Yesterday’s proof.

Harry Potter More Popular Than Microsoft Zune

July 23, 2007

It’s true!

Within the past 24 hours, I’ve seen three people with the latest Harry Potter book on the ferry.

Since its introduction, I’ve seen only two people with Zunes.

This is a scientifically-accurate measurement.

Because I made it.

And there’s also this:
Harry Potter Breaks Sales Records — read it now. Links like this disappear fast.

When You Lack Talent, Imagination, And Have a Rep For Robbing Everyone, What’s Left To Do? Legalized Looting.

July 20, 2007

Canadian iPod levy assumes you’re a criminal first, asks questions never

Essentially what this means is, if you buy an iPod or similar device in Canada, soon you’ll automatically be assumed to pirate music illegally, and will be forced to pay a small fee up front to the recording industry as penance. It’s like getting a parking ticket while your car is still in the garage.

I don’t engage in hyperbole, goddammit.

Hey, iPhone, Zune, and Zen: you get looted too!

Now go see Paddy Chayefsky for instructions.